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Pazar//Shuk in action

Following the publishing of the book - on June 23, 2022, Pazar//Shuk project is delivered also in the form of performative actions, such as: a photo exhibition, performative dinner, and photographic/ storytelling workshops. 


An exhibition/ urban intervention

Presentation of Pazar//Shuk photos by Italo Rondinella in urban spaces dedicated to exchanging goods - local food markets, food halls, and food courts. The exhibition's main goal is to create an interaction and connection between local sellers and customers with the reality depicted in the photos - Istanbul and Tel Aviv marketplaces. Selection of the photos from the project is made upon the capacity and logistics of the designated space. The exhibition works as a photographic urban intervention within the city.

A performative dinner

It is not only a food event but also a storytelling performance. The authors share stories from Istanbul and Tel Aviv marketplaces and cook dishes inspired by the universes of food markets in both cities. The dinner gives opportunities to feel, taste, and understand the complexity of city markets to 25 guests. The performance recreates the atmosphere of the markets, with its chaotic, messy, and conversational character expressed through the selection of meals, the way of serving, and the flow of the storytelling.

Photographic workshops

Photographic workshops -  encourage participants to turn their daily visits to the local markets into anthropological and photographic storytelling sessions. Each student learns how to approach sellers, understand the social context around markets and create an in-depth photo essay about city markets. The workshop provides participants with the methodology and tools to understand and represent the social reality of city markets in a photo essay. Each participant works on an individual story based on observing the market environment.

The photos present Pazar//Shuk performative actions at Tish - The Jewish Food Festival in Polin Museum in Warsaw, Poland. 

Photo credits: Italo Rondinella & Maciej Jazwiecki / Polin Museum, 2022

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